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Innovation: focus on the future, not the past 

Are patents killing innovation? It’s the question that every tech and business publication has been asking since a spate of patent lawsuits began when Apple sued Samsung over its iPad.

MXit helping Cape Flats drug addicts

MXit, the cellphone instant messaging service best known for chatting teenagers, is now being used to help drug users on the Cape Flats kick their habit.

Long may the SMS reign

The greatest communication mechanism in the world is arguably still SMS.

Apple’s unrequited love

Let’s get this out of the way: every new mobile device is always thinner, faster and has a better camera. Always. It’s the newly minted Shapshak’s First Law of Gadget Upgrades.

Connecting at arm’s length

If you’re looking for a good investment, buy Facebook shares. If you’re looking for real personal contact, go walk the dog.

Kenya’s triple-play bonanza

Down one of the notorious potholed streets of Nairobi there is an 8 megabits per second fibre connection to a Kenyan home that I stayed in last week.

About time Telkom coughed up

Let’s get this right: the state-owned telecoms operator is going to be fined by the state-run competition-busting authority after being found guilty by the state-appointed anti-competition oversight agency.

+ Telkom is a Ponzi scheme


Sunday Times

The day I met Steve Jobs – Obituary

“No, but I did touch his iPod,” I answered when someone asked if I shook Steve Jobs hand. It happened quite by chance.

Pesach parallels in South Africa today

We, too, have become slaves to a greedy elite.

Back to the dark ages

There’s little hope for those trapped in construction industry’s cycle of abuse and poverty.


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Hansie Cronje: mad, bad or just plain greedy?The Observer

He was a hero to millions, but he threw it all away. What possessed him to pawn his place in history for a few tainted dollars.

Bring back the snarkThe Times column

It doesn’t matter how obvious it is, people will still miss sarcasm or irony on Twitter.

The charge of the lightsabre brigadeThe Times column

Star Wars is the greatest science-fiction movie of all time, and its created a cultural meme that has taken on a life of its own.

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